Jeffrey Winter


Experienced California Criminal Defense Lawyer

8.8Jeffrey Lynn Winter

Defense Attorney Jeffrey Winter’s career has spanned the past 29 years. He has handled every type of criminal matter (from the simple misdemeanor to murder), served as the Legal Advisor/Liaison to the Orange County Grand Jury for four years and began his career as a civil defense litigation attorney.

He retired as a Senior Deputy District Attorney from the Orange County District Attorney's Office with 27 years of experience as a prosecutor. He handled 40,000 plus criminal matters during his prosecutorial career. It encompassed everything from the initial review & conferring with police officers & detectives, search warrants, arrest warrants, filing felony & misdemeanor complaints, Grand Jury liaison/legal advisor, indictments, appearing at felony & misdemeanor arraignments, pre-trials, bail reviews, felony preliminary hearings, court trials and jury trials.

He has made countless court appearances involving discussions, negotiations & plea bargain considerations with private attorneys, public defenders and judges. He has tried several hundred court & jury trials, conducted over five hundred (500) preliminary hearings and presented numerous cases to the Orange County Grand Jury for indictment.

Jeffrey Winter graduated from Creighton University School of Law in Omaha, Nebraska 29 years ago (May 1988) finishing in the top of his class and was on the Creighton Law Review.  He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1984. He was raised in rural southeast Nebraska where he worked on the family farm until leaving for college.